Monday, December 22, 2014

Taking the First Step

Everyone's weight loss journey is different, but not one is less significant than the other.

Whether you're suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, or just have a few extra pounds that you need to shed we're pleased to know that you're taking your health seriously and beginning your journey.

Weight loss can be difficult, at any age, and at any stage. And there are many myths about what you should or shouldn't be eating. If you're considering starting your own weight loss program, but have yet to make a firm effort, why not start with small steps to begin your transition to a healthier you!

We thought we would start with some initial starter tips from our clinical nutritionist, Lindsea Burns to get you on the right track.

Below are her three go-to suggestions for breaking poor diet and lifestyle habits, and allowing your body to feel good, inside and out.

1.Manage Insulin -The first step to weight loss is managing your bodies insulin. This means you need to cut out (if you can do it cold turkey, great!), or at least cut back on refined sugars. Starch's like carbohydrates and poor choice snacking foods like chips and crackers. If you have a serious diet of heavy carbohydrates every day the initial change might disrupt your body. You may experience migraines, but they will only last a few days. Soon enough your bodies dependencies on those sugars will fade, and you will be able to have a meal without sugar cravings.

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2. Hormonal Balance - When you eat a lot of processed and chemically treated foods it can affect your hormone levels and thus, affect your mood. When you feed your body the right nutrients it rewards in a number of magical ways. Not only will your body start feeling better, but your mood will improve with it.  The healthier the food is that you eat, the more healthy hormones your body will produce. Eating the right foods will allow your body to function the way it was meant to. Without having to fight off harsh chemicals from preservatives, your body will start to realize it's ingesting fresh, untreated foods that will be able to not only metabolize in your body quicker, but will help to feed your body the nutrients it needs. The strength and quality of your skin, hair and nails will all start to change, generating a more well preserved you.

3. Detoxing and Eliminating Toxins - Thankfully, the days of healthy alternatives being unappealing and lacking in taste are behind us. There are many resources you can access by foot, or by web that will make losing weight an easy lifestyle transition. 

Weight loss doesn't need to be a diet of eating just salads and veggies, you can enjoy your food. Eat butter, and lots of it, as long as it is true pasteurized butter from grass-fed cows. Fats are good for you, and more importantly, they are good for detoxing the liver. You won't have to miss out on some of your most flavorful, yet poisonous foods because all it takes is a few minor adjustments to create a new lifestyle routine that works for you!

Love Spaghetti Bolognese? Why not trying to substitute the spaghetti for spaghetti squash.

And drink more water! Water flushes toxins and energizes tissues. You need half your body weight in ounces daily. If you maintain your water intake daily, you will see noticeably visible results within just 30 days.

Remember, weight loss is important for your health first, looking and feeling good is just the bonus your body gives you for being nicer to yourself.